Jami Mahmood’s Legal Team Responds To Hameed Haroon’s Legal Notice. Will Dawn Publish The Filmmaker’s Response?

Jami hameed haroon
Source: Dawn

Earlier this month, Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon had responded to filmmaker Jami Mahmood’s allegations of rape with a legal notice.

The legal notice had categorically denied Jami’s accusations and labelled the filmmaker as a stooge of the “establishment,” working to damage the credibility of the Dawn Media Group.

The legal notice had also demanded an unconditional public apology from Jami and threatened to initiate civil and criminal proceedings against him if he did not take back his words within 14 days.


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To no one’s surprise, it has been more than 14 days since the legal notice was served and Jami has stood his ground against Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon.


It seems, during this time there has been an equal resolve on the part of mainstream media in Pakistan to keep Jami’s story out of sight.


And now the filmmaker’s legal team has responded to Dawn supremo’s legal notice.

The response asks Hameed Haroon to withdraw his legal notice.

It also warns the powerful business tycoon of counter-legal action if he decides to pursue criminal and/or civil action against Jami.

The notice further asserts that in case of a legal battle, the filmmaker has a number of witnesses in whom he confided who are willing to testify against Hameed Haroon.


Whether or not Hameed Haroon responds to Jami Mahmood with legal action is yet to be seen. However, the more important thing to ponder at this moment is whether Dawn will give equal – or any coverage at all – to Jami’s response.

The newspaper had not published a story on Jami’s legal response at the time when this story was filed on Friday afternoon.

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