Mahira Khan Clapped Back At A Troll For Shaming Her On Creating Breast Cancer Awareness & The Guy Couldn’t Take It!

Mahira Khan
Image Source: Mashion

It all started when Mahira Khan shared how she did on a breast cancer quiz by Mashion in order to create awareness about the chronical disease that has taken countless lives and in most cases due to ignorance.

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Many responded to the tweet by sharing their quiz score!

However, there is one guy who tried to steer the important discussion in a direction no one wanted.

Mahira Khan
Image Source: Twitter

While usually Mahira doesn’t pay heed to trolls and goes about her business without giving a damn, this time she felt the need to take the moment to highlight how women are shamed for talking about breast cancer and how the norm has led to the prevalence of unawareness about the disease.

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This is what our queen had to say!

It was only a matter of time before Daniyal realized he messed with the wrong woman and deleted his tweet! 😂 😂 😂

Mahira Khan

According to a seasoned cancer specialist, Dr. Quratulain, Pakistan lost 40,000 women to breast cancer last year and every 8th to 9th woman in Pakistan is at the risk of falling prey to this illness.

Keeping in view that breast cancer can be cured if detected at an earlier stage, there’s a dire need to promote the practice of regular medical examination, especially among women.

However, the stigma attached to the word BREASTS in a South Asian society is sickening to the core and hinders women from adopting any medical regime that has to do with this part of the human body!

Given such dynamics, people like Daniyal only add to the taboo and thus, must be schooled the way Mahira did.

Way to go M!!! Way to go! ✌️

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