Latest Episode of Fanoos will Make You Dance in Your Seat

Patari Fanoos feat. Mai Dhai
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Launched earlier this May, Fanoos is a brainchild of Zohaib Kazi who partnered with Patari’s team to introduce the world to 6 diverse indigenous folk sounds from across the country.

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Fanoos is more like a journey on which Kazi and the team set out to explore melodies, voices, literature and languages that make our culture so rich musically. As Patari mentioned, “Fanoos features Riaz Ali Qadri (of Supreme Ishq Fame), Akhtar Chanal Zahri (the Baloch Legend), Mai Dhai (The Goddess of Sindh), Zarsanga (the award-winning Pashto music icon) and introduces the students of Bulbulik Heritage Centre Gulmit, (known as Bulbulik Music School) as well as Islam Habib Hunzai from Hunza.”

Last Friday, the fifth episode of this series was released featuring the infamous Sindhi folk singer Mai Dhai and we cannot stop listening to it. Recorded in Sindh’s district of Umerkot, this episode of Fanoos has Mai Dhai and her son Moharram Faqeer singing, “Baaja Re” a celebratory song about dancing happily when it rains in the desert.

It’s an upbeat danceable number which has the ability to take you to a rather more colorful and happier place in your head and effortlessly earworms its way into the listener’s mind. Mai Dhai’s overpowering vocals and the pleasant sounding harmonium riffs complement each other and make the song funky and fresh. My favorite part though was the last minute built up in the momentum of the song, specially the throbbing, which takes this original to a whole new level and gives it a touch of festive trance.

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“Baaja Re” is undoubtedly an addition to the trailblazing music being produced through Patari’s platform. However, not much has been spoken yet about it on social media probably because it was released in times when the country was busy celebrating Eid. Hopefully, as we go back to our normal routine and catch up with what we missed out, this song and the team behind it will get its due appreciation.

Till then, see for yourself what you missed out!

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