Teaser Out: Lahore se Aagey


The teaser trailer of Wajahat Rauf’s, Lahore se Aagey, came out today.

The teaser that is 32 seconds long is focused. Rather than trying to showcase too many elements, it focuses on introducing the lead pair played by Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain and gives a glimpse of how their journey beyond Lahore will look like.

The cinematographer seems to have done justice with the beautiful backdrop, showcasing the magnificence of Pakistan’s north.

The lead actors instill a lot of positive energy; however they do look a little misplaced together. But this is only the teaser; the full trailer will allow a better glimpse into their own-screen chemistry. The body language of the characters gives a subtle feel of the comic setting that the film is likely to have.

From what the teaser gives away, Lahore se Aagey seems to package itself as not only the sequel to “Karachi se Lahore” but also as a more mature cinematic outing.

Watch the teaser and share your thoughts in the comments. On our part we’re definitely waiting for the full trailer!