India’s Sansakari Babu Ji, Alok Nath Has Been Accused Of Rape & We’ve Lost All Faith In Humanity

Alok Nath
Source: India TV

Over the last two decades the Hindi word, “sanskari” (i.e. cultured) has become synonymous with veteran actor Alok Nath. Thanks to his numerous portrayals of a loving father with a strict moral code, Alok Nath is indisputably Indian cinema’s most iconic father-figure.

However, the love and respect earned by the actor went for a complete six last evening when director-producer Vinta Nanda published a Facebook post hinting at being raped by Alok Nath.

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Nanda’s narration of her ordeal is not merely heart-wrenching but it is downright terrifying! Without naming Alok Nath she provides enough clues, all of which lead to the veteran actor.

In the wake of Vinta Nanda’s horrific revelations, Secretary General of India’s Cine And TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) has assured her of his full support.

However, given the gravity of Alok Nath’s monstrous crime, people do not want him publicly shamed or ousted from the film industry but instead rightly want to see him behind bars.

We can’t even begin to understand the amount of courage it must have taken for Vinta Nanda to share her absolutely terrifying recollection of rape 20 years ago. #MeToo cannot take back the years of trauma that Nanda and many like her have faced. However, at least a reckoning is finally taking place to ensure that sexual offenders like Alok Nath are made to face the music for the misery that they inflicted on unsuspecting women!

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