A Look at the Journey of Kashmir on Pepsi Battle of the Bands Before B.O.B’s Finale


Voting lines are open and the finale of Pepsi Battle of the Bands is just one week away. By this time next week the results will be out and we will know the name of the band that will go home with the winner’s tag and a record deal.

However, before the final results are out let’s take a quick look at the journey of the finalists, Kashmir.

Remember Kashmir at the Auditions?

This six piece band made their first appearance on Pepsi Battle of the Bands with the cover of EP’s hit single from their first album, Hamesha.

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Fawad Khan was completely taken in with Vais Khan’s skills on the guitar and the other judges too did not hesitate in giving a green signal to the band.


The Mesmerizing Rendition of Mera Pyar 

If one performance stood out like no other during the show’s run, it was Kashmir’s cover of Amir Zaki’s beloved single, Mera Pyar.

The moment Bilal Ali sang the first note, we, the fans knew that Kashmir would be the dark horse on the show.

The performance preserved the essence of Zaki’s original and yet demonstrated Kashmi’s own unique sound – certainly not an easy feat to achieve.

Save a few technicalities, the performance won great comments from the judges with Shahi Hasan specifically praising Bilal’s vocals.

With Mera Pyar, Kashmir had indeed arrived!


Their First Original!

The second knock out round provided the bands with an opportunity to showcase their originals. Kashmir performed the quirky, Buddha Baba.

From the relatable concept to the easy-going lyrics and from the the composition to the vocals, everything about Kashmir’s third performance had promise written all over it.

The Danger Zone Moment!

In episode 5 Kashmir once again performed a cover from EP’s first album. This time the song was, Waqt.

The band took a huge – and I mean HUGE risk with a mellow take on a song that is loved for its hard rock. While the fans enjoyed the band’s take on Waqt, the risk did not quite pay off with the judges and Kashmir ended up in the danger zone.

They literally fought for their lives when asked to give a surprise performance along with Jasim & the Pindi Boys – who were also in the danger zone.

The band finally escaped elimination and secured a place in the Top 3 with Faisaly.

The Soulfully Dark Mendah Isaq

Pathanay Khan sahab is among the most respected and beloved names in Pakistani music. Mendah Ishaq Vi Toon will forever be remembered for his wondrous vocals.

And while there have been many covers of Mendah Ishaq over the years, I’m yet to come across one that is as original as the soulfully dark rendition by Kashmir.

Truly a befitting tribute to Pathanay Khan sahab.

Guys the voting lines are open and if you have enjoyed Kashmir’s journey on Pepsi Battle of the Bands as much as I have, make sure you vote!