Did You Know That Fawad Khan Had A Cameo In JPNA 2?


It is hard to believe but Pakistan’s reigning heart-throb, Fawad Khan has not appeared in a Pakistani film since Khuda Kay Liye released in 2007!

Since then the super star has enthralled the audiences on the small screen and featured in three Bollywood big screen offerings. He is part of Bilal Lashari’s remake of the iconic Punjabi action film, Maula Jutt but we have been waiting for the movie to complete for almost four years now and so we really can’t count it as a Fawad Khan film until it sees the light of the day.

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This scenario was about to change as Khan had shot with the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (JPNA 2) team for a cameo in which he played a rock star with a lisp.

Speculation had been rife before the release of JPNA 2 about Fawad’s cameo. The grapevine was finally confirmed at the premier of the blockbuster in Lahore when the big screen flashed the superstar in a completely new avatar.

However, following the premier – and perhaps because of the feedback received from the audience – the scene was chopped out of the film. This is why you did not see Fawad Khan when you you went to watch Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 in the theater.

According to Vasay Chaudhry, the scene had been removed owing to a technical error that was preventing subtitles from showing on the screen.

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While this might be the reason, fact also remains that a lot of people who had watched Fawad’s cameo were unhappy with how the sequence had panned out and this could have been a motivation for the elimination of the scene from the final cut.

We don’t know the actual reason for why Fawad’s cameo disappeared from JPNA 2, but we did find a video made by a member of the audience with Khan in it.

Here it is!