“Destroyed A Great Song,” Tweets Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari After Listening To Ahad Raza Mir & Momina Mustehsan Crooning To Ko Ko Korina

Shireen Mazari Ko Ko Korina

Coke Studio aired the last episode of the season this past weekend. And while the overall feedback received by season 11 was mixed, Ko Ko Korina, which was also incidentally Ahad Raza Mir’s debut as a singer especially received widespread flak.

Except for a few die-hard fans of the actor, no one was willing to give the song a second listen; some going as far as demanding an apology from the makers of Coke Studio for ruining a classic!

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Even the Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari could not resist reacting and seemed positively upset after listening to the lackluster effort.

Taking to Twitter, the otherwise no-nonsense minister labelled the remix “Horrendous!”

“Destroyed a great classic – why o why did Coke Studio allow such a massacre of this classic song?” she further added rather indignantly.

Pakistanis, who were already unhappy with the way the Ahmed Rushdi and Waheed Murad classic, Ko Ko Korina had been covered, joined in on the conversation, calling the song a “human rights violation!”


OUCH! As if the overwhelmingly negative feedback from fans was not enough, we wonder what the makers of Coke Studio are thinking now that the Federal Minister for Human Rights too, has joined the bandwagon?!

Just in case you still haven’t heard both the versions of Ko Ko Korina, i.e. the original from the 60s and the recent one from Coke Studio, please do and you’ll know what all the hullabaloo is about!

Here’s the ORIGINAL with Waheed Murad lip-syncing to Ahmed Rushdi’s vocals! 


And here’s the tragically half-baked cover with Ahad Raza Mir and Momina Mustehsan on the vocals.

Sorry folks, but you asked for it with the unfortunate cover that was Ko Ko Korina!