It’s not just a big tragic incident that can turn your good day into a bad one. Sometimes a small mistake is enough to put you off. This is particularly true with people who find themselves in a vicious cycle of repeating the same mistake. It is also true for people who are bound to find themselves in an unwanted situation every now and then and yet have no clue with regard to what they should do. So how really can one avoid a Déjà vu is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article. Here is a list of five daily life hacks that you can employ to avoid common blunders and frustrating situations.

  1. Starting off with the trouble that we go through most frequently; the dilemma of forgetting things. Accept it or not but we all have had days on which we forgot to buy a certain grocery item, fix the bathroom’s tap or even failed to wish our loved ones a happy birthday. Ever wonder how you could have ditched such days by just hanging a magna doodle pad on a wall or a door in your house. It’s a magnetic drawing board which can be used to put down your to-do or to-buy lists; to leave notes for your loved ones and to take messages for someone in their absence.  111
  2. Spare yourself the horror of leaping over every other luggage bag running down the baggage carousel at the airport! Mark your suitcase or duffel bag by tying a bright colored ribbon or fabric to it. It will make the baggage claim easy and quick.222
  3. This hack can come in handy for all the hostellers out there. Arriving to your hostel earlier than usual, just to find out that the key of the room is with your roommate and that you may have to wait for 3 more hours till he/she comes back from work or college; it is a real bummer. To avoid such a situation simply hide the key in a bottle (like a CaC 1000 bottle) after gluing a piece of pinecone to its end and then bury it somewhere in the garden or a plant pot. The pinecone will be of great help in identifying the hiding spot.333
  4. We all have this one friend who borrows stuff but never gives it back. They are so habitual of not returning things that when you visit their place, it almost feels like home. The solution to this age old problem is to take a picture of the friend with the item in hand, right after they borrow it from you. Later, you can attach this picture with the reminder in the app named “You Borrowed It”. This application helps in keeping a track of all your lent items.444555
  5. Time for the last and the most useful hack that can save you from many undesirable situations. That is, if you wish to undo any text, you must never scratch out the words by scribbling over them. This makes the writing easier to decipher. Instead, write random letters and words over the original text which makes it illegible. So, now you can pass notes to each other during a boring lecture or a meeting without any fear because even if you get caught, you will be able to get away with it gracefully.666

Hope these hacks come to your rescue when life tries to run you over!



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