5 Bollywood Perceptions About Love That Pakistanis Must Discard!

Bollywood Perceptions About Love mahira khan shahrukh
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Whether someone wants to believe it or not, Pakistanis over the last many decades have had Bollywood influencing their lives and hence, generations negatively one way or the other. Bollywood perceptions about love is one of these factors.

As far as my opinion goes a lot of it has made for unreal expectations chasing which a number of individuals have either ended up learning things the hard way or have lived their entire lives believing in stuff that made little or no sense at all.

So, here is a look at 5 perceptions about love that Bollywood has been preaching in most of its commercial films ever since its inception and which Pakistanis must discard.

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1. Love at First Sight


You don’t know the person, you have no idea of their background, whether they are already married or not and yet you see them and fall for them immediately. Next, you are all set and willing to give up all that you have… I mean what non-sense!

Love between two individuals grows over time as you get to know one another better and as you begin to feel comfortable and happy sharing your space. It is only then that making certain life style adjustments that are all part and parcel of a relationship become easy and manageable.

Therefore, lust at first sight should neither be preached nor confused as love.

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2. Financial Status Matters Little

Bollywood Perceptions About Love

You are sure living in a fool’s paradise if you watch this movie where two people from completely opposite financial backgrounds fall in love and begin to believe that financial status matters little in relationships. Think again because it sure makes a lot of difference!

You think, behave and hence, act different with or without money in your pocket and therefore, even though there is no harm in people coming from different backgrounds getting into a relationship; there are certain factors that you must be wary of before you make such a decision.

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3. It Happens Only Once!

Bollywood Perceptions About Love

Different cultures and belief systems around the globe allow polygamy and divorce for a reason and as explained earlier love between two individuals only grows with time and therefore, circumstances play a massive role.

To believe that it happens only once is just naive and hence, there is no surprise that such perceptions make way for absurd and cruel societal behaviors such as shaming individuals who get married once their spouse passes away.

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4. Your Love Interest Will Change Dramatically After Marriage
Bollywood Perceptions About Love
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It goes without saying that individuals do change to a certain degree as they begin to settle down in a relationship. Nevertheless, the change is not as dramatic as some Bollywood movies suggest and therefore, there is absolutely no point in believing that you will be able to change the way your love interest behaves after marriage.

Instead you are better off wondering whether or not, for most part you are compatible with the person you are getting in a relationship with.

5. Happily Ever After!
Bollywood Perceptions About Love
Image Source: Cosmopolitan India

Life has its phases and crisis of any kind can hit individuals and families at any given point in time. Hence, the concept of happily ever after as preached in Bollywood is just pure non-sense and people instead should look to take life as it comes.

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