Arizona Grill Has Been Selling 3-Year-Old Expired Meat & Pakistanis Want To Know Where Were The Food Inspectors All This Time?!

Arizona Grill

Arizona Grill was finally raided last night after the outrage that jolted social media following the death of two siblings in Karachi because of food poisoning. This past weekend, the family had dinner at Arizona Grill and Chunky Munky, after which they were hospitalized and while the parents made it, the little children didn’t!

When the news was broken, Pakistanis were left infuriated and rightly so!

The public outrage raised by the tragic news moved Sindh government into action and at last, both the eateries were closed down!

However, it still took the Sindh Food Authority two days to raid Arizona Grill and on doing so, what was found in the storage was beyond disgusting: meat that had expired 3 years ago in 2015!

For a restaurant as high-end and popular as Arizona Grill, the expose came off as immensely shocking and Pakistanis couldn’t help but explode the internet with a mix of anger, disappointment and grief. 

Someone pointed at the hypocritical approach of mainstream media with which they covered the story.

Osama took it to the micro-blogging website to warn people against another restaurant that is owned by the same administration.

Then, there was one who asked if Pakistanis feel discouraged to eat out after the incident. 

However, the one big question that echoed after the whole episode was this! 👇🏼

It is beyond comprehension and acceptance that an eatery as big as Arizona Grill has been selling expired meat since 2015 without getting caught. Did the Sindh Food Authority never inspect the site for the last three years? If no, then why the eatery was not shut down and if yes, then why did they wait till the gut-wrenching death of 2 innocent children to fulfill the responsibility towards the citizens of Pakistan?

Sindh government, without a doubt, owes an explanation to the parents who have been tormented by the loss of their children whom they brought to the world with unconditional love and care!

All these questions must be answered!  


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