In A Landmark Achievement, Rawan Dweik Becomes The First Girl With Down Syndrome To Memorize Quran

Rawan Dweik
Image Source: Twitter

Recently, images of a Jordanian girl, Rawan Dweik were being circulated on social media, where people were congratulating her for memorizing the complete Holy Quran.

This isn’t an ordinary achievement as Dweik is the first girl with Down Syndrome to have done that, and she deserves all the love and appreciation.

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Her mother, Awatef Jaber is delighted beyond measure to see her daughter with special needs achieve this feat. Speaking with an international news agency, Awatef said,

I am Rawan’s mother (her father passed away) and I am proud of her.

Rawan Dweik's mother
Image Source: Bol News

I had 4 daughters and one son, and my son begged me for a brother as he was alone. When I gave that a thought, I was blessed with Rawan. Praise be to God, she is a gift from the Lord of the worlds; to increase my pride and honor, she added.

After learning that Dweik had a special condition, Jaber, like any other mother, was heartbroken and disappointed, but she loved her a lot and vowed to teach her the Quran.

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Very early on, Rawan’s mother figured out that she was one smart kid, so she started off by teaching her the shortest Surahs in the Holy Quran. Dweik was quick to pick up and memorize them, so Jaber enrolled her in a school when she was six. Even there, she did really well.

Rawan Dweik studied till grade 7 in that school and then, by her own will, she discontinued her education.

Memorizing the Holy Quran

Jaber told the news agency that her daughter learned the book of God through writing. She took a year and a half to memorize Surah al-Baqarah and aced the test. After that, she bowed down to Allah in gratitude.

Rawan continued to memorize the Qur’an (at a regular pace) for 7 years, and she completed it on the 29th of Ramadan this year, and when she memorized one, two or three parts, she was tested in them, Awatef Jaber said.

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