Good News For Diabetics, Pakistan Is Now Producing Sugar-free Mangoes

sugar-free mangoes Pakistan
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An expert at M H Panhwar Farms in Sindh’s Tando Allahyar has introduced three new types of sugar-free mangoes in Pakistan that are suitable for patients with diabetes.

mango/sugar-free mangoes Pakistan
Source: Daily Times

Their sugar levels are ranging from 4 to 6% hence they are deemed safe for consumption for diabetics. Sonaro, Glenn, and Keitt are the newly produced sugar-free mangoes that will be available for purchase in the markets. They have been produced after five years of extensive research and modification.

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So, it’s a relief for all those who couldn’t consume the fruit owing to their concerns with regard to the disease.


M H Panhwar’s nephew, Ghulam Sarwar, who is also a mango expert, told news agencies that his uncle was an expert in organic farming and had also published a wide range of research papers and manuals on fruits such as bananas and mangoes.

The government of Pakistan had granted Sitara-e-Imtiaz to Mr. Panhwar for his research related to fruits. After his death, I continued his work and carried out modification after importing different genres of mangoes to test their growth in this atmosphere and soil, he furthered.

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He revealed that Panhwar farms haven’t sought any financial assistance from the government for this project, and they’re managing it on a personal level.

I only wish to raise awareness about sugar-free mangoes in Pakistan and internationally as well. We consider national profits prior to personal gains, he said.

Prices and Sugar levels

Sarwar told that the Keitt variety has the lowest sugar level up to 4.7 percent while Sonaro and Glenn have sugar levels up to 5.6 and 6 percent respectively.

sugar-free mangoes in Pakistan
Image Source: ARY

When inquired about the prices of sugar-free mangoes he revealed that they are affordable for the general public and available in local markets as well. The sugar-free mangoes are priced at 150 rupees per kilogram which is equivalent to the normal varieties of mangoes available in the Pakistani markets.

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