5 Home-based Bakeries In Pakistan To Order From To Satisfy All Your Sugar Cravings

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Image Source: Instagram (totally befudged and yumprum)

Home-based bakeries in Pakistan were thriving long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike traditional bakery shops, home-based baking has its own way to please the people with a sweet tooth.

Not only the freshness brings pleasure to the tastebuds but the innovation, and creativity in turning a simple baking item into a beautiful presentable piece of art is what makes home-based bakeries a delight to treat, especially during a special occasion.

The balance of good presentation and the excellent taste is where the overall experience seems like a delicious moment to savour. Here are 5 of the home-based bakeries that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

1. YumPrum

This Lahore based dessert shop has a variety of desserts to select from, but their gift boxes are a favorite of the regular customers. They deliever all over Lahore and even do timely customizations as required.

Most popular dessert: Malt Cake and Eclairs

Location: Lahore

2. The self taught chef

If you’re craving for a gooey, mouth-watering, melt in your mouth kind of a pleasure, then you are in for a treat. In the city of lights, where Biryani dominates the masses, the sweeter lot can count on Murad Gillani’s venture “The self taught chef” to satisfy these cravings.

His special Project-D has a variety of donuts that starts from the simple Cookies and Cream, to Cheesecake donuts, all the way to Belgian chocolate and Nutella Rocky. Moreover, his cookies and brownies are highly recommended and very under-rated.

Most popular dessert: Donuts (Project-D)

Location: Karachi

3. Rubi’s Patisserie

The glazed effect is what makes this confectionary shop a must-try place. The desserts provide a unique look to the eye, something that creates a hollow place in your heart making you want to just have one bite of it. Yes, if you are in Lahore, and up for a unique experience of fulfiling delight to those tastebuds, then Rubi’s Patisserie is a must try.

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Most popular dessert: Dulce chocolate cake

Location: Lahore

4. Salwa Cooks

There are some who bake, but some who also like to impart the baking to the aspiring ones. Not only are Salwa’s cakes the best in K-town but her innovation in creating new and extraordinary flavors is what makes her unique.

Most popular dessert: Tea cake

Location: Karachi

5. Totally befudged

Okay so, the capital has some beautiful areas to try out too, but hey, if you are into the fudges, then get ready to be-fudged. As the name suggests, if there is any home-based fudge speciality, then “Totally befudged” is the place to order from.

Most popular dessert: Chocolate fudge cake

Location: Islamabad

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Well if these aren’t enough to fulfill your tastebuds then tell us about your favorite home-based bakeries in Pakistan by commenting below.