5 Pakistani Food Bloggers You Need To Follow If You’re Looking For Some Easy Iftar Recipes!

Pakistani food bloggers
Image Source: Instagram of Raiha Khan, Tehreem Farooq, Tehreem Shahbaz, ANAM, Mahnoor Waheed

Ramazan is officially here, or should I say it has been here for the past 13 days, hehe? Anyhow, this means now is the time to search up some quick and easy-to-make Iftar recipes, so that you have ample time for ibadah, too, during this Holy month!

Even if you’re quarantined and not having friends and family over for Ramazan parties, you can still weave magic in the kitchen for yourself and your family. To serve this purpose, we have shortlisted those Pakistani food bloggers for you who have some of the yummiest yet easiest to make Iftar recipes!


1. Tehreem Farooq of Tehreem.Eats

Whenever I’m hunting for recipes, I go for videos or vlogs that are easy to comprehend. I like content that does not involve complicated, lengthy videos that take all day to watch. And Tehreem makes just the type of bite-able, easy-to-understand recipe videos that any amateur cook (who enters the kitchen once a year) can follow.

She’s one of those Pakistani food bloggers who makes food that will satisfy your millennial taste and cravings.

2. Raiha Khan of The Food lover from capital

Okay, so before you head over to her profile, let me warn you not to do that on a hungry stomach!

Her blog has such incredible food photos that don’t even look homemade, but they almost always are.

If you’ve run out of ideas for your Iftar menu, make sure to check out her profile only after you’ve had your sunset meal!

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3. Mahnoor Waheed of Lahore Food

This food blogger from Lahore, Mahnoor Waheed, not only has brilliant food recipes, but she also occasionally drops some travel and fashion ideas for everyone who is looking for them.

4. Anam of Foodi Bambi

Anam is from the federal capital of Pakistan. She doesn’t actively post on Instagram, but whenever she does, the recipes are pure bomb! By following her, you’ll find easy yet yummy recipes to copy.

Doesn’t this look a little too enticing? Tell me if I’m wrong!

5. Tehreem Shahbaz of Food recipes gram

Another from the capital has quite a following on Instagram. Her feed is vibrant and a little too appetizing! Along with posting food recipes, Tehreem also gives her followers regular updates on the launch of great food outlets and occasionally reviews eateries too!

Hope this list helps you with the remaining days of Ramazan. Do share your feedback about it in the comments.