An Open Letter To a Struggling Friend!

open letter to an unemployed friend

Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well now! The palpable despondency behind your feeble voice last night made me realize that this whole job hunting thing is getting arduous for you. I could not be of much help in easing your pain because you know how bad I am at articulating my thoughts and feelings so spontaneously. So, this is me, making up to you by writing you an open letter to lift your spirits.

Last few months have been both emotionally and physically taxing for you owing to some unanswered and some rejected job applications. As a result of which, self doubt is closing in on you. You are fixated on your past and all the follies it held, which now have a bearing on your job hunt, making it hard for you to sort out your mess.

Peer pressure, fear of failure, high expectations from your loved ones and hopelessness are adding to your woes. Consumed by the darkness of insecurity and uncertainty, you find it hard to see the silver lining. It is almost as if you fell on your face while crash-landing from a Utopian university life to the real harsh world and now you lie on the ground all bruised, muddled, resentful and exhausted. But mush, no one said it would be easy! Everyone went through the same peaks and valleys while treading this journey. You are not the only one! So, get up, dust off your wounds and give the world a reason to remember you. But before that read carefully the following unsaid rules of this game so that you are able to put up a better fight this time.

Disclaimer: None of the forthcoming advises entail tips to improve your CV or cover letter because internet is saturated with such content.

1. Learn to be Patient

You need to understand that patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait. Although by this time I can already hear you saying, “It’s easier to say and harder to do,” under your breath, but I am choosing to ignore it. Back to the pep talk; don’t let rejection bog you down. Don’t lose hope for if not this then there must be another job with your name written on it. Take these turn-downs as any failed romantic affairs of yours. Did you take the oath of celibacy when you got dumped by your ex (last time)? Then why quit now. Honey, stand your ground and understand that perseverance is a prerequisite of success; in the presence of it, you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself. So, try till you die! (That rhymed well *pat on the back*).

2. Focus on the Right Thing!

While we are at it, it goes without saying that you need to learn from your past experiences rather than indulging in self pity or self doubt. Never ever in the history of job hunting has taking refusals personally been beneficial to any potential employee. Make peace with the fact that to err is human and spot those areas which are letting you down. Contemplate, analyze and then strategize! Optimize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses! Remember, no matter how good you are there is always room for improvement.

However, distinguishing between your vulnerabilities and your values is an imperative to decision-making that you won’t regret in the future. There is nothing wrong in turning down opportunities which require of you to compromise on your principles. It may seem erroneous in short term but will bear fruits in the long run.

3. Don’t Give into Pressure!

Sometimes, seeing your mates doing better than you, can lead to feelings of unnecessary pressure. This is where you need to understand that everyone has their own pace. What might happen for your friend in 2 years may take a little longer for you. Does this imply that you are lagging behind? Not at all! Life is not a race. It’s a beautiful journey. So, let it be like that.

4. Believe in Yourself!

Last and the most fundamental block of building a happier a life and achieving whatever you may wish is to believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now I know that falling prey to insecurities and self doubt in such situations is quite normal. But this is where the trick comes into play! Find creative ways to keep yourself motivated. Surround yourself with positive people; study the lives of successful people and the hurdles they faced or reminisce your own moments of glory. Do whatever it takes to keep oneself protected from any negative vibes and you will be able to push through the hardest of times.

Before signing off this open letter, I want you to keep in your mind that everyone has gone through what you’re experiencing right now. You know what the best part is, “When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.”

Yours truly,
A Friend Who Cares!


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