After Momina Mustehsan, Ahad Raza Mir Criticizes Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari For The Ko Ko Korina Tweet

Ahad Raza Mir Ko Ko Korina Tweet

When the makers of Coke Studio had thought about covering the iconic song, Ko Ko Korina, they certainly had no idea that it would spark a controversy of a national proportion.

Following the overwhelmingly negative fan feedback, Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari had also joined in on the bashing by calling Coke Studio’s version “Horrendous!”

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In less than 24 hours, Mazari’s tweet has prompted Momina Mustehsan to retort with counter-criticism and soon, the argument had taken journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan and Iman Mazari into its fold.

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After the war of words between the two ladies became borderline nasty, Wajahat had intervened, asking them to “…take a time out.”

However, his intervention did not go down well with Iman Mazari, who, in a rare show of solidarity with her mother was already worked up over Momina’s tweets.

And just when we thought that the unnecessary debate had finally seen the curtain go down on it, Ahad Raza Mir re-ignited the situation with these tweets.

Imaan in turn took to Twitter – again(!) – to posting a series of unpleasant tweets, the gist of which was that Ahad Raza Mir is an “entitled brat.” 🤦

Thankfully the Minister for Human Rights has not responded to Ahad and we dearly hope that she does not! Because quite frankly this is becoming one of those pointless, never-ending squabbles that we are getting tired of reporting!