71-Year-Old And Still Rocking: Renowned Pashto Folk Singer Zarsanga Marks The End Of Patari’s Fanoos Series On A High Note!

Patari's Poster of Zarsanga
Image Source: Patari's Facebook Page

Concluding episode of Fanoos, a musical venture by Patari and Zohaib Kazi, was aired this Friday and this time it featured veteran Pashto singer Zarsanga aptly revered as “The Queen Of Pashtun Folklore” not just among the Pakhtuns but all over the world.

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Hailing from a nomadic tribe named Kutanree, Zarsanga started singing folk music when she was in her youth and was able to draw attention in no time owing to her enthralling vocals. With the passage of time, she grew more popular and went on to receive national accolades like Pride of Performance and Presidential Award for her contribution to the industry. She also had the honor of performing Pashto folk concerts in countries like Germany, Belgium, Iraq, Dubai, America, France and UK.

However, this article is not about what she achieved in her youth. Instead, it is more about how after so many years, Zarsanga still has what it takes to bring the house down with her anti-ageing and ever youthful voice. You don’t believe me? Then, see for yourself!

In the first half of the song we hear tingling Tambourine, folksy harmonium chords and catchy beats complementing Zarsanga’s ebullient voice and creating a festive sound. Then the song smoothly breaks into dubstep kind of music which further transitions into completely different sound in which melodic piano notes take the front-seat, tempo of percussions is slowed down and a more subtle tone dominates the number. The melody then gradually fades away in dub delay style.

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The fact that “Shinwari Lawangeena” has made it to my replay list, although I do not know Pashto, speaks volumes about this beautiful composition. Pertinent to mention here, Zohaib Kazi deserves all the applause for producing folk music with just the right amount of fusion in order to preserve the cultural and sentimental value attached to the melody while giving the audience something new to cherish. Nevertheless, it is Zarsanga’s larger than life voice which brings soul to the whole composition and proves that age is just a number.

More power to Patari and Zohaib Kazi for bringing back our Desert Queen of Pashto music!

Enjoy the song now!