Social Media Is Flooding With #MeToo Stories Of Sexual Harassment

Me Too campaign
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The hashtag #MeToo has taken over the internet. People across the globe are coming out in huge numbers to identify with this viral campaign by sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse.

Within days the #MeToo hashtag has jolted the collective sensibility of the world. Hundreds of thousands of common people as well as high profile celebrities have taken to the internet to share that they too have been victims of sexual harassment or abuse at some point in their lives.

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So huge has the #MeToo campaign become that more than 500,000 tweets have been sent out so far using the hashtag.

In a world where victims and survivors of sexual violence are shamed and asked to stay silent, the #MeToo campaign has become as a symbol of defiance. Suddenly, survivors of sexual abuse no longer feel ashamed to share the torment that they have gone through. Each new post and each new tweet is adding strength to this global movement led by the citizens of the world.

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Not surprisingly, for many people this is the first time they have openly spoken about their story of sexual abuse.

The accounts of sexual violation shared by those using the #MeToo hashtag are heartbreaking…

This person had a very valid point to make.

Since women are more often at the receiving end of sexual violence, a repeated theme was to raise boys to respect women.

The heart-breaking stories that are flooding the internet and the realization of the magnitude of the problem has left many people, very, very angry…

This lady sums up our feelings at Bolo Jawan:

We’ll leave our readers with this thought…