7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday During Quarantine!

Friend's Birthday Quarantine
Source: Seattle Magazine

The quarantine routine is messing with all of our lives. And if you have a friend’s birthday coming in a few days; I can only imagine the level of annoyance that you must be feeling! But what good would sitting around and pining do? So, take a chill pill (I’m not sure if people still say that but meh!) and focus on how you can make your friend’s birthday special while staying socially distant!

Here are 7 ways to celebrate your friend’s birthday during quarantine!

1. Make your friend a card!

Well, what’s a birthday without a card, right? Since you have all the time, let’s get creative. Gather all the funky material lying around your house and make a card yourself!

And don’t worry about sending it! You can record the video of the whole process or just send them a visual!


2. Virtual birthday party

A birthday party means a get together of all the friends, no? So, dress-up, grab your phone and party on a conference call!

Tip: Decide the time with all your friends prior to the b-day and keep it a surprise for the birthday boy/girl!


3. Blasts from the past!

Well, what if you guys aren’t together irl?! Post all the good memories on social media throughout the day. And to add fun, make memes using your friend’s pictures. I mean not that you don’t have time now!


4. Netflix watch party

What better time than now to throw a watch party to celebrate your friend’s birthday? Thanks to Netflix, you can choose to watch as many movies together as you want!


5. Reminiscence old memories

Since you guys would have more time and less to do, start telling stories! Recall the day you guys met, the first party that you had or whatever it is that makes your bond so special!


6. Make a Customised Game!

Create a group on WhatsApp and each person will share an old picture on their turn. Others would have to guess the exact occasion it was taken and narrate an incident from that day!


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7. Gift an online subscription!

If you want to give them a gift, it’s the best time to consider what they love doing the most. Is it reading, cooking, watching movies, workout or painting? Whatever it is, buy a subscription to a relevant website and send them the details of the account.


How are you planning to celebrate your friend’s birthday during quarantine? Share your ideas in the comments below!