5 Things I Will Teach My Son That No One Taught Me As A Boy

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Parents try very hard to give their best while bringing up their child. But despite their efforts, there remains a gap that we understand only when we grow up.

So, here is a list of 5 things I want to teach my son to bring out the better human in him.

1. Follow Your Own Goals

The first thing I will teach him is that it’s alright to dream big and have your own ambitions. Never be afraid to pursue your goals, rather than doing what society wants or expects from you. Also, I’ll never force him or decide for him anything. I’ll tell him to make his own decisions and he’ll find me right by his side.


2. I Am Your Friend

I will make him feel that I am his friend along with being his father. I’ll take him out wherever I go and teach him how to interact with society. This will help me nurture a friendly relation with him that’ll encourage him to pour his heart out rather than being scared of me. I want him to be a confident person and I’ll make him one right from his childhood.


3. Be Vocal About Your Problems & Feelings

There is a lot of stigma attached with boys being emotional. They have to maintain an image of masculinity, which I think is toxic. One should be open and expressive about their problems. And there is no match for sharing your problems with your parents, all they have to do is just give their children a little space to feel comfortable.


4. Do Not Swear or Speak Rudely To Anyone

Using swear words and talking rudely to anyone makes a child impudent. He will be taught to engage with everyone with respect and dignity. I’ll tell him how an abusive person is always looked down upon in our society.


5. Self Respect >>> Anything

I’ll tell him time and again to always prefer dignity and self-respect over everything. I’ll advise him to walk away from things, people and places that disturb his peace of mind resulting in stress.


What will you teach your son that no one taught you when you were a child? Share in the comments below!


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