3 Types of News Anchors that Every Pakistani Media House Hires

Anchor meme

A couple of months back after realizing that a lot was happening in the country I finally decided to watch news channels on a regular basis to keep myself updated on various issues that can have a direct bearing on the future of Pakistan.

Having watched different news shows during the period it became obvious to me that nearly every media house in the country has hired the following 3 types of news anchors to conduct programs for them.

3. The Ones Who Love to Tease


It is just funny that every media house in Pakistan has news anchors who love teasing the very people they interview. These people do a fine job offending politicians, sportsmen and prominent personalities from other walks of life.

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These media personalities know the art of provoking a person to confront them and once the objective is achieved they are quick to cry foul and play the victim!

2. The Black Mailers


You don’t have to be an Einstein to spot a black mailer and media houses in Pakistan have done a fine job by hiring a few. News anchors who belong to this category would tell you how in the coming weeks they are going to break a story.

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They precisely point at the party concerned and warn them of consequences of such a development. However, more often than not the story either never appears or they end up with something significant enough to keep the viewer interested and insignificant otherwise to challenge the person/party that they had been threatening.

1. The Ones Who Shout


This is the most common type; anchors who love to shout. They shout at everything and everybody that they possibly can. As a viewer you are better off doing away with their program otherwise you will have little choice but to consume a disprin right after you are done with the ordeal!