This is How Pakistanis are Using Sarahah!


It’s been second day since Sarahah is trending on twitter in Pakistan and the fact that our TLs have been flooded with the screenshots of those sea green and white messages is enough to highlight how, like any other internet fad, Sarahah has taken the life of an average Pakistani by storm.

What surprised me the most is that continuing our legacy, Pakistanis have yet again come up with creative, funny and to some extent annoying ways of using this app also. The tweets below show the trajectory from where we started off with Sarahah and where we are headed with this constructive anonymous messaging app.

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Note: For those who don’t know about this app and are interested, they need to read this article first and for those who have decided not to jump on the bandwagon any sooner, can sit back, relax and enjoy the wit of Pakistani nation.

It all started nice and warm with us respecting the purpose of the application and sending constructive messages in ACTUAL.

But soon fans got hold of Sarahah which resulted into messages like these.

At times, we hid behind Sarahah to compliment our crush also!

A rare breed took to the app to ask rather important questions!

But this won the internet without a doubt!

Those times are not far when instead of yelling from another room, our parents would send us messages on Sarahah to hand them the TV remote lying right next to them.

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Well done Sarahah! Well done!


Having said that, the most annoying Pakistani Sarahah users are not the ones who have been sending such messages but the ones (read narcissists) who have spammed our TLs with the screenshots of every single message they get. By doing this you are not only depressing those who didn’t get any attention even on this platform but you are also making us regret the day we clicked “FOLLOW” on your account.