“1.1 Million Children Are Out Of School In Balochistan,” Additional Secretary PPI Unit Balochistan, Samee Ullah

out of school Balochistan
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Speaking with Bolo Jawan on its podcast, Let’s Talk Education, Additional Secretary, Policy, Planning & Implementation Unit Balochistan, Samee Ullah said, “according to the provincial government’s statistics, 1.1 million children are out of school in Balochistan.”

“But after this year’s government survey, we will have data that will also count the children of private schools and madrassas,” he added while shedding light on the situation of education in the Balochistan region.

Education System In Balochistan

Balochistan is a poor province and girls do not have as much access to education here as compared to boys. Therefore, the Ehsaas Education Stipend will facilitate the out of school girls and it will surely bring down the dropout rate as well, explained the additional secretary.

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Since the onset of COVID, the situation of education has gotten worse in the province and it has severely affected the dropout rates as well. The Baloch people lost their jobs and there were no means to earn a living, so they eventually had to take their children out of schools.

Now with the education relief scheme, things will get better.

Upgradation of Girls Schools

Lack of access to schools is the reason why children, especially girls, drop out of school in Balochistan. Speaking on the matter, Mr Samee Ullah pointed out that the Balochistan government is working towards upgrading primary schools into middle schools and middle schools to high schools so that there’s a continuation of education.

This step will also make it easy for girls to have access to schools and secure education.

Transportation for Girls

Moreover, he added that girls also drop out of school due to a lack of access to transportation. In order to facilitate the girls seeking education, the government has planned to dedicate a major chunk of buses to the girls’ schools.

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