Environmentalist Aisha Khan’s Talk On Climate Change Education In Schools Is Spot On!

Aisha Khan talks about climate change education
Image source: YouTube

In the latest episode of the podcast, Let’s Talk Education, Executive Director for Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC), Aisha Khan spoke about the importance of climate change education in schools.

How Is Climate Change Affecting Our Education System?

“It is more important to look at the current education system in Pakistan. The quality of learning that students are acquiring from the teachers,” discussed Aisha. There are different kinds of education systems in the country. There is private sector education, public sector education, and the madrassah system. Even in the private sector, there are high-end and low-end schools that provide different standards of education.

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“Moreover, the quality of education for girls is worse than that provided to boys,” said Aisha. “The rate of transition from primary to secondary and then high school drastically drops in girls,” she added.

Aisha then pressed upon the fact that there is a dire need to work on the operational side of the education system as it is heavily dependent on rote learning. She said that it needs to change and students must be given a chance to experience active and meaningful learning.

Teaching Students To Respect Nature From The Get-Go

It is essential to teach school-going children to respect nature. Along with that, it is also important to train them to keep their environment, desks, and classrooms clean. Moreover, the students must be taught the need to throw garbage in the trash cans and ultimately keep the schools clean.

The students should be assigned these tasks on a rotatory basis, so they learn the aspect of respecting nature and making it a habit later on in their lives, shared the environmentalist, Aisha Khan. In Pakistan, we don’t enjoy nature and the act of keeping it nice and clean. The cleanup drives are also a temporary activity and not something that students do habitually.

Awareness Building Through Education

We cannot inculcate the same curriculum across the board. There is a need to designate different modules for students according to their different environments. We cannot build awareness for the students in Gilgit-Baltistan in the same way we do for students in Karachi. Climate change education will change according to the environment the students are living in.

Climate Change And Girls Education

Climate change will not directly impact education but it will affect the livelihoods of people. There will be issues of flooding and heat islands which will then hinder the education systems. On the whole, it will affect girls’ education more than boys, as we have seen during the pandemic. In case of unprecedented circumstances, boys always have an edge over girls when it comes to education.

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