3 Facebook Groups That You Must Join if You Love Food, Mountains or Books

Photos Courtesy: Facebook Groups

Over the last couple of years, the usage of Facebook groups has changed drastically as a result of which individuals sharing same interests have come together on a single platform to exchange ideas, experiences and points of view. These groups have emerged as communities united and driven by a certain passion. Talking of which brings me to the top 3 Facebook groups that you must join if you have a passion for food, nature or books.

3. SWOT’s Guide for Karachi’s Restaurants, Cafes, Dhabas, Khokas and Take-outs & Foodies R Us:

These are the go-to groups for all the foodies in Pakistan especially for residents of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Here you can learn about new places to eat in the town and reviews of the old ones. Through these groups you’ll find out who offers what, where to buy the cheapest food, good and bad food experiences, secret recipes from different cuisines, home based chefs a.k.a food entrepreneurs, yummy food marvels offered across the world, healthy diet tips and many other happenings in the food industry.

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What makes these groups one of their kind is the inclusion of representatives from different restaurants who not only get the chance to receive direct feedback but are also able to promptly address the grievances of the customers. Cherry on the top are the frequent members’ meetings over food which shows how the group founders are ensuring that the bond is not confined to social media only.

With more than 175K members combined, SWOT’s Guide for Karachi’s Restaurants, Cafes, Dhabas, Khokas and Take-outs and Foodies R Us have restored the power where it rightly belongs i.e. with the customers! This would not have been possible if it weren’t for Nezihe Hussain and Asad Sheikh who laid the foundation of these groups. A big shout out to them!

2. The Karakoram Club:

As the name of the group suggests, the Karakoram Club is all about exploration of mountain ranges in Pakistan and the beauty of wildlife found there through travelogues and photography. It is a public group which has members from not only Pakistan but across the world.

The creation of the group has a somewhat dramatic back story. A bunch of friends after being banned from an Indian trekking and travelling group for sharing the photographs of Pakistani mountain ranges, set out on a journey to build Pakistan’s biggest travelling and trekking related social media platform, the Karakoram Club. At the heart of this initiative is the intention to show the world a softer image of Pakistan in order to bolster tourism in the country. One of the proud moments in the history of the club came when following the campaign by Karakoram Club, several foreign groups decided to visit Pakistan which speaks volumes about their dedication to this cause.

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The club members also make it a point to discourage unethical practices like littering and wall chalking and urge the locals to adopt an environment friendly attitude in order to preserve the beauty of our homeland. With more than 95k members as I write this article, the Karakoram Club is rightfully playing a much needed role in re-branding the image of Pakistan around the world and thus, the efforts of Faizan Munir, Mobeen Mazhar and their team deserve an applause! More power to you guys!

1. Bookay:

If you are an avid reader then Bookay is your haven on Facebook. From what started as a platform built by a few Pakistani students to exchange expensive and difficult to find academic books, textbooks and research articles has now evolved into a digital community whose reach is beyond borders and the members of which not only write reviews, recommendations, exchange books and articles on diverse topics but also share their own writings with each other.

After observing such a transformation in the dynamics of the group, the founders now aim to highlight the significance of reading culture in the development of a society. Furthermore, the interaction between local and foreign members of the group has also helped to break stereotypes and change the perception of Pakistan across the world.

An interesting fact about Bookay is that it is a secret group and only members can add other members that too those who love reading. Three cheers for the genius trio Jahandad, Ahmad Mukaram, Hasan Saeed and their team who came up with this wise strategy to ensure active participation from all the members of the group. The evolution of Bookay is a perfect example of how instrumental social media can be in bringing people from diverse creeds, religions, ethnicities, nationalities and political affiliations together on the basis of a shared passion. Keep up the good work guys!