“You Are Already Practicing Citizen Journalism” – Faisal Qureshi – Part II

“You Are Already Practicing Citizen Journalism” – Faisal Qureshi – Part II


Citizen journalism is a broad field that ranges from the written word to visual representation of events through the eyes of a camera. Instant dissemination of visual content captured on cell phones, micro-blogging and Facebook rants on socio-political issues all fall under the paradigm of citizen journalism.

Interestingly, most young people around the globe including middle class youth in Pakistan, are already engaged in citizen journalism – although they might not always associate with such a label.

There is then need to ensure that young people are provided with a little support in terms of better articulation and coherence of thought to ensure that their ideas are better appreciated. At the same time, young people also need a platform from where their thoughts and ideas can be disseminated to a wider audience rather than remaining restricted to their respective echo chambers.

In the second and final installment of Faisal Qureshi’s motivational talk with students of Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, he speaks about how young Pakistanis can and should pursue citizen journalism as a means to provide alternate narratives¬†regarding their otherwise widely misunderstood culture and way of life. He also identifies the various mediums that will help amplify the voices of young people and get their messages across to a global audience.