YouTube Ban In Pakistan: 11 Memes After The News Took Over Social Media

YouTube Ban Pakistan
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On Wednesday, the Supreme Court took notice of “objectionable content” being shared on YouTube and other social media platforms and issued notices to the Foreign Office and the Attorney General.

During the hearing, there were a few remarks that hinted at a ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

Commenting on the content against state agencies on the app, Justice Amin said that “There are several countries where YouTube is banned. Try uploading content against America and the European Union.”

Ever since zoomers are making hilarious memes to show their frustration on the “ban YouTube in Pakistan” debate once again.

1. We breath after watching a tutorial.. how’re we gonna survive now?

2. Or maybe they want us to experience stone age…!

3. Why haven’t they taken notice of everything turning into a cake? That’s the real issue these days!

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4. Yeah, because YouTube has a tutorial on that too!

Trust me!

5. Don’t give them ideas guys!

6. PUBG players thinking they won’t be alone in this…

7. Then where are you gonna rant about stuff?

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8. Vloggers looking at their million dollars equipment:

9. Even MBBS has gone digital!


10. The whole scheme is out guys!

11. Someone tell the judges this is what we do on YouTube!

*plays Humain Pyar hai Pakistan se on repeat*

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