Twitter Is Cracking Hilarious Cake Jokes & You Can’t Imagine What They Are Unless You See!

cake jokes
via Twitter @iSofyaanRajput

Cake jokes flooded my TL all through the weekend and it took me a while to really understand what they were getting at!

And trust me I wasn’t the only one scratching my head at first!

I won’t lie, it took me a good amount of hours scrolling up and down my timeline to get the hang of what was really happening. And now that I do, I can’t get enough of ’em!

By the time you’re finish reading this article, I bet you’ll have your own cake jokes to post!

It all started when comedy writer James Felton tweeted about his nightmare that had a connection to – you guessed it – a cake.

Yeah it could happen when you spend an hour watching satisfying cake videos.

Twitter exploded with hilarious cake jokes after this tweet, and as usual, Pakistanis are totally winning at it!

After Felton’s nightmare guess many wanted to check if they weren’t actually cakes…I know: whaaaaat?

And if yes, there’s already an anthem ready!

You can even change your flavor as per your mood!

Don’t hesitate to confirm what flavor your friends and family are!

Guys it’s 2020! Anything can happen!

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See, Lala got into trouble for no reason at all!

Seniors have experienced the cake! They know!

Go, argue with the wall!

Something tells me, this line will go down in literature as an actual expression one day.

If you don’t have a cake in your life…this is where you should head to!

Now, this is the flavor I wanted all my life!

Chocolate cake >>>> cake or chocolate alone!

Bakra eid will surely be a mess…

Sorry dude if you were on a diet. But everything is a cake now, so don’t worry!

I’m sure by now you already have plenty of cake jokes in mind! Share them in the comments below!