Watch Out Islooiets! A Leopard Was Spotted Strolling Near Damn-e-Koh

Leopard Margalla Hills
Source; ARY News

Margalla hills is the go-to spot for Islooiets be it for hiking or just for a good long drive to enjoy the scenic beauty it has to offer.

But dude, after watching this video, you might be get a lil (or very) scared of going to the hills for a stroll.

A netizen recently shared a video of a leopard roaming on the Margalla hills road late at night while he was enroute to Daman-e-Koh.


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Now, we all always had this in our minds that leopards are there but in the jungle.

Dammit, never thought of coming across one on the road!

Imagine you’re peacefully walking around in Damn-e-Koh and you come across a freaking LEOPARD!

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Authorities said the wild cats often make their way to the roads of late at night and warned people travelling to Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa to be careful. They informed that leopards often make their way out on roads late at night.

Guess, now I’ve an actual excuse to skip all the hiking trips with friends and fam!

Have you ever seen a leopard around Margalla Hills? Share in the comments below!