NASA Astronauts Are Responding To Pakistani 4th Graders & Twitter Is Literally Over The Moon!

pakistani kids NASA
Source: Twitter / Freepik

On Wednesday, a teacher tweeted a list of questions from Pakistani kids who wanted their answers from NASA.

Sounds kinda impossible, right?


Hold your horses because, these 4th graders got their answers not from one but multiple astronauts.


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There was a lot of work that went behind the scenes before the questions went online!

Annddd you won’t believe how the word spread like wildfire and all of the Pakistani Twitter wanted one thing: The answers to their questions!

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It didn’t even take 24 hours and not just one but many NASA astronauts and experts came flying to answer these curious Pakistani kids.

By the evening, almost all of the kids had their answers except Rayyan.

However, soon Rayyan became a celebrity kid who got the coolest reply ever straight from the Canadian astronaut who has taken three spaceflights.

It’s Karaaachiii!

The control centre of Ariane 6 couldn’t resist not answering Rayyan and OMG!

Doesn’t that sound like a dream, you guys?!

Do you guys think it’s over, yet? Ah, think again! Because the we save the dessert for the end!

THE KIDS HAVE AN INVITATION FROM NASA (after the pandemic is over, obviously!)

Someone, shared the questions on Reddit and NASA took some time to respond and invite the kids over.

Oh my God, brb crying!

Aimun, do you have a space in your class? Take us all in, please?

Now we all wait for the updates from Aimun about the kids’ reactions.