These Kids Ordered A Drone From Daraz & Their Unboxing Video Will Break Your Heart

drone unboxing video daraz ali taimoor
Source: twitter / kindpng

Like all of us(!!), three kids fell for the promise of low cost fun stuff available online. But quality was not the problem. What came in the mail was…disheartening.

Ali Taimoor who is a vlogger ordered a drone from Daraz and being a YouTuber he recorded the video of unboxing the package.

But what he found inside the box was nothing but…trash!

That’s right – what the actual fudge!


So the kids sat down all excited in front of the camera revealing the details of the”LV drone” that they had ordered for around Rs. 6000 from Daraz.

But what they had not anticipated was the fact that they had been lured into an online scam.


As they opened the package and emptied out the box, their excitement turned into disappointment because the box had nothing but stones and pieces of paper!

Yikes…I wouldn’t want to be in the pace of those kids!

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The now viral video is making people incredibly sad…

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Now, one’s alway skeptical about the quality of the product but sending an empty package..? Is this a new low or what??

Stories like these are actually a major setback for the e-commerce industry in Pakistan.

Ah…at 1:45, their mom is basically every mom ever!

Daraz has swiftly responded to the video and is promising to compensate the kids.

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