No IG KP, The Madrassah Blast In Peshawar Was Not A Chota Mota Waqya

Peshawar blast IG kp
Source: Samaa

KP police IG Sanaullah Abbasi while addressing the media on Wednesday termed the Peshawar blast incident, “minor.”

He said, “The security threat was big, but the police succeeded in neutralising most anticipated acts of terror. Such small incidents happen but they shouldn’t.”

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He was addressing the media after at least eight people were killed and over 125 were injured following an explosive device in a bag detonated inside a madrassa in Peshawar’s Dir Colony.

#ShameOnYou_IG_KP started trending on Twitter soon after the Inspector General’s statement that left a nation-in-mourning deeply offended.

People sent their children to study and they were killed…???

People are at a loss hearing IG KP terming the Peshawar blast as a “chota mota waqiya.”

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If only for the optics, how hard is it to show some remorse, a little compassion?

Such insensitive statements coming from high profile officials should be an eye opener for the government and the absolute least they can do is to train them on such values as empathetic and respect for victims and survivors of violence.

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