Verna – A Review In Tweets

Verna Twitter Review

It’s the fifth day since Verna hit the theaters in Pakistan. The pre-release hype around the film was quite positive, which ensured a good weekend at the box office. Of course the controversy surrounding a possible ban also helped to keep the film on everyone’s radar prior to its release.

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We browsed through our Twitter feed to see the audiences’ verdict after stepping out of the cinemas. Let’s see what people are saying using the hashtag #Verna.

The Unhappy Ones

Based on the response received so far, there’s a significant section of the audience that does not seem happy with how the film has turned out.

For instance, this guy was brutal!

This people were no different.

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The Well Wishers

Bad reviews not withstanding, there are many who did not shy away from praising Verna.

Taking lead are of course, Mahira Khan fans.

Shoaib Mansoor has his own die hard fans too of course.

Some people genuinely appreciated the content of the film.

The same guy went as far as to say the critics should not be taken too seriously.

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The In-Betweens

There are also who neither loved nor hated the film.

The Analysts

What is Twitter without the analysts. There’s a huge population on the micro-blogging website that believes in analyzing any subject from the perspective of the “bigger picture.”

Whether its politics or sports, entertainment or gibberish, analysts own Twitter.

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Take this guy for instance. He didn’t just give a one line verdict on what he thought about the movie, instead he analyzed where the entire Pakistani film industry was headed.

The message is bigger than the movie…interesting.

The Perfect Tweet

After scouting through Twitter, this tweet perfectly sums up our sentiment!

What did you think of Verna? Do tell us in your comments!