#TypicalSindhiThings, The Sindhi Version Of US vs Pakistan Memes Is Hilarious

Image Source: Twitter screengrab

Sindhis have come up with a version similar to US vs Pakistan memes, and are using #TypicalSindhiThings to share some traits peculiar to Sindhis and it’s a laughter riot out there on Twitter.


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Even if you don’t particularly understand the Sindhi language and culture, you’ll still have a good time reading these memes, like this person here.

It’s great to have some Sindhi representation as the hashtag #TypicalSindhiThings trends across Twitter, and it has surely managed to spread smiles on our faces as well.

How Sindhis enjoy their food.

How Sindhis like to compliment other people.


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The Sindhi way of inquiring about someone’s mood!

The Sindhi way of telling someone to buzz off.


If you’ve been to Pakistani weddings, you must’ve heard these songs there. They’re like wedding staples.


Paisay jo masti aa, Saien!

Sindhis know how to define boundaries!

Saien tou Saien *sings in Ali Gul Pir*

Oh Wow!

Looks like people who do not understand Sindhi enjoyed this trend as well. Dadho mazo ayo!

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