Pakistani Dramas Tanhaiyan, Dhoop Kinare & Aahat Selected For Dubbing In Arabic

Pakistani dramas dubbed Arabic
Image Source: Arab News/ Pinterest

According to Arab News, Pakistan’s Information Minister, Shibli Faraz has expressed the desire for Islamabad to enhance cultural ties with Riyadh. To expedite the process of working on joint film and television productions in order to bring the people of both the nations closer, then some interesting steps are being taken.

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It is also worth mentioning here that to improve the cultural ties between people of the two countries, former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, during his visit to Riyadh, revealed the plan to broadcast Pakistani dramas in Saudi Arabia. Three dramas then, have been selected to be dubbed in Arabic. These include Tanhaiyan, Aahat and Dhoop Kinare.

Via Arab News

In an interview with Arab News, Dr. Lubna Farah, a translation expert shared that as part of cultural exchange pact drama serial Dhoop Kinare was being translated in Arabic. after airing the serial, the reviews have been brilliant and so, two more Pakistani dramas i.e. Aahat and Tanhaiyan are also being dubbed in Arabic.

After good reviews of ‘Dhoop Kinare,’ I am looking forward to translating and dub two more PTV classic dramas ‘Tanhaiyan’ and ‘Aahat,’”

Sharing more about this cultural exchange pact, Faraz said,

Some dramas got dubbed and were sent there [Saudi Arabia] … some films … Some even the royal family watched, like Parchi

Via Youlin Magazine

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Speaking about the similarities between the two cultures, Information Minister said,

There is a lot of similarity in our cultures, so on the basis of that, we would want that we can do more joint productions in films, in dramas… This is a very powerful tool to bring two countries, two relationships, closer together.

Hope the entire exercise allows Pakistan better cultural representation in the Saudi kingdom.

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