Sindhi Boy Ahmad Marri To Join TikTok To Highlight Issues Of His Area After Viral Video

ahmad marri
Source: Independent Urdu

A few days back, video of a Sindhi boy Ahmad Marri went viral in which he called out Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for the miserable conditions in interior Sindh.

In his video, the eight-year-old lambasted the Pakistan People’s Party Chairman for lack of clean drinking water in his village near Khapro in district Sanghar and how his rooster died due to drinking poisonous water.

Ahmad Marri has now decided to join TikTok and use the power of social media to highlight the issues of his community.

Ahmad’s father Rabb Nawaz Marri told Independent Urdu that after the huge publicity of the video of the rooster, they have received eight chickens, two of which were sent by Bilawal Bhutto.

Ahmad thanked those who sent him chickens but pointed out that his problem was the extraction of rain water and provision of clean drinking water. Even after several weeks of complain, the poisonous rain water hasn’t been drained. He asked the authorities to solve this issue urgently.

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After his viral video, the young boy is now motivated to actively talk about the issues of his community on TikTok.

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