This Is How Pakistanis Are Reacting To The Khawar Maneka – Rizwan Gondal Fiasco

Khawar Maneka

PTI was still recovering from the damage done by Imran Ali Shah and Usman Buzdar when Khawar Maneka pulled the party into another controversy. According to the reports appearing on media, ex-husband of the First Lady, Maneka was stopped by Pakpattan’s DPO Rizwan Gondal for overspeeding on the 23rd of August, 2018. The former not only resisted the instruction but allegedly also hurled abuses at the police. Later, CM Punjab Usman Buzdar demanded DPO to tender an apology to Maneka, on the refusal to which the officer was transferred this week.

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When broken, the news stirred anger amongst both the supporters and detractors. Here’s how Pakistanis reacted to the Khawar Maneka – Rizwan Gondal fiasco.

Soon, the other side of the story was revealed!

Rizwan was also accused of misbehaving in the past!

This guy believed that PML(N) was behind the whole drama.

And then there were those who could not help but utilize the opportunity to exhibit their witty side!

PM Imran Khan has taken notice of the incident and has ordered an investigation into the matter.

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If we are to believe whatever is making rounds in the media, then the risks of bureaucracy being pitted against government lie ahead of us. In a country where civil-military ties have always been a source of tension, an addition to this complicated equation will only prove to detrimental to the interests of the state. Thus, there’s a dire need that both the institutions sit across the table to resolve the difference and chalk out a system which harmonizes the relation.

Moreover, jumping to the conclusions is completely useless in this case as this is a developing story. We don’t know yet, which side is telling the truth! So, dear fellow countrymen please hold your horses until the results of the investigation are announced! Till then, practice tolerance and respect difference of opinion rather than turning social media into a battle ground of words!

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