The Struggle to Stay Awake at Work

Sleep at Work

Admit it or not but we’ve all had days when staying awake seems like a struggle and the constant drowsiness makes us regret going to work. Days so low on energy that your sleep-deprived body almost convinced your brain to go looking for an invisibility cloak so you could crawl under your desk, lie down and sleep peacefully without anyone noticing. As a matter of fact, it got so intense and frustrating at times that you had this newly found envy for Sleeping Beauty who slept soundly for like a HUNDRED years!

Since magic cloaks and true love’s kiss are hard to find these days and since real world problems call for real world solutions, here is what you need to do to fight drowsiness at work!

1. Take a Power Nap!

Power Nap at Work

Yes, a nap and yes, at workplace! Manage to get yourself 10 to 20 minutes of nap to shake off the sleepiness. It will reboot your system and you will wake up fresh and active. But make sure that the nap doesn’t exceed more than 30 minutes because then you might wake up a little groggy.  It’s better to set an alarm on your mobile or ask a colleague to wake you up after half an hour.

In case there is no such concept of power nap or nap room at your workplace (like it happens in most of the offices in Pakistan) then you can always take refuge in restrooms or prayer rooms.  For your inspiration Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are two of the many famous people who used this technique of power napping to keep themselves going.

2. Drink and Eat

Drink Ice Cold Water

One of the best ways to stay awake is to drink ice cold water. Not only will it hydrate your body but will also help with this dizziness.
If that does not work then switch to energy drinks and by energy drinks I do not mean artificial ones which can have an adverse effect on your health. Go for natural energy boosting juices as they are very helpful in recharging one’s body in a healthy and organic way.

Consume Natural Energy Drinks.

God forbid if none of this works, then you can choose to have caffeine, an age old solution to drowsiness. The intake of caffeine though should be in small portions spread over the whole day instead of having too much of it all at once.  While consuming caffeine one must know that our bodies have the tendency to grow tolerant to this stimulant. So, if once a cup or two of coffee was enough to jolt you from your sleep, now your body might not react to this amount the same and you might need to increase this amount. However, do cut on your consumption of this stimulant if you seem to develop an addiction to it.
Use Caffeine to Get Rid of the Dizziness

Snacks can also rescue you from such situations. Having light, unprocessed and balanced amount of protein snacks on regular intervals in a day can revitalize your energy levels. Also, avoid large and heavy meals during your lunch time. This will save you from lethargy that takes over our bodies usually after lunch. Do your lunch away from your desk to take a break from your “work mode” for a while.
Healthy Snacks to Keep You Awake at Work
3. Music and Sunshine

Listen to Your Power Songs

Listen to the songs which induce wakefulness in you. This practice will enhance your concentration and will set your pace. Thus, your performance at work will consequently be more efficient and effective. These songs don’t need to be loud. A lower volume will infact help you better in focusing.


Get Some Sunlight to Keep Yourself Awake

Get under the sunlight for a while to get rid of your dullness as sunlight has the ability to influence our body’s circadian rhythm. This will also increase Vitamin D in your body which is also helpful in boosting energy levels.

4. Call it a Day!

Go Home and Sleep


If nothing seems to be working for you and there is a good chance of you ending up fainted on your desk; then the last resort is to go to your boss and tell them you need to leave. Make an excuse that you aren’t feeling well, go home, have a sound sleep and then make needed changes in your lifestyle so this doesn’t happen again.  Remember this should be done in only extreme situations because you showed up at work for a reason. Do this only if you calling it a day will cause lesser harm than you staying at work.

To prevent yourself from falling asleep time and again at your workplace, make sure you get an adequate amount of 8 hours of sleep and have a balanced diet. Not only will this keep you awake at work but will also enhance your performance.

If not any of the aforementioned and many other solutions available on internet work then the reason of your sleepy head is boredom and not tiredness. It’s probably because your body is trying to tell you out loud that you need to switch your job and do what interests you, do what you love doing!

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