Is It Really Important to Own Expensive Brands?

The author questions impulsive consumerism and the growing need to be associated with expensive brands.

According to diehard Apple fans – iphone is the King of innovation, marketing and design. The latest iphone 7 has introduced many new features such as true tone displays, water resistance, 3D touch etc. All of this sounds very fancy on paper but the reality is that most people don’t really use all the features available on their devices. They merely buy the Apple device owing to an in-explainable need to be associated with the brand!

The obsession with the iPhone and other Apple devices for that matter, is then more a case of impulsive decision making rather than actual utility. People make one decision after the other based on emotions – emotions that are fueled by branding and marketing. The case of iPhone owners is not very different from those who pile their dressing tables and wardrobe with expensive Gucci, Armani and Chanel items! I’m sure – nay I know for a fact(!) – that one can get the same designs from cheaper labels but we live in a world where people have become brand conscious.

This need to be associated with a brand is more alive in Apple lovers than perhaps any other commodity. Why? One has to give it to Apple for getting people excited like no other company in recent times. Just owing an Apple accessory makes people feel special (in a way that perhaps only they can explain). Whenever a new iphone is launched, people wait in queues for hours to buy their beloved new device. But while waiting in a long queue is still digestible, what I fail to comprehend is the whole camping-outside-the-Apple-store phenomenon! I mean so what if you get the phone a few days late? How can people of otherwise sound mind allow themselves to lie limp outside a store all through the night and allow their better judgment to be enslaved by a glossy marketing campaign?

The whole purpose of my rant is to vent out the frustration that I feel each time I see high-end, expensive brands blind middle class consumers with their shiny campaigns and successfully persuade people to part with hard earned cash on a product that they can neither afford to buy nor do they need!

My dear impulsive buyers, making a choice is your right but think at least a hundred times before you give away your toil to buy brands that have very little to offer beyond glitz! Choose very wisely!


  1. Apple has created a brand culture that has attracted a passionate brand community of followers who identify with the brand’s innovativeness, simplicity, and coolness.

    in my opinion android is much better, one of the strong points of Android has always been the level of customization it allows. While Apple wants to keep control of default apps in order to maintain a homogenous software and hardware experience, Android lets you pick your own level of customization. This extends all the way from simple things like live wallpapers, to alternative keyboards, to custom ROM installs.

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