3 Things To Expect From Teefa In Trouble Based On Its Teaser


The much, much awaited teaser of Ali Zafar and Maya Ali’s Teefa in Trouble (TINT) finally came out yesterday after a  grand launch during the opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League 3 (PSL 3).

The whole team deserves a lot of credit for ensuring a teaser that showcases the “highs” of Teefa in Trouble without giving too much away. The editor deserves a special mention for the great build-up that explodes into a sufficiently intriguing climax, leaving the viewer asking for more.

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Based on what we saw, here’s what we think should be expected from Ahsan Rahim’s big screen directorial debut.

High Octane Action

If there’s one thing Teefa in Trouble will offer in excessive doses, it will most certainly be action. From the word go, the teaser is largely about one insane action sequence after another.

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Ali Zafar’s gravity-defying stunts were already the talk of the town even before the first look of the movie was out. With the teaser it is now established that TINT is an out and out action film.

Pait-Mein-Dard Comedy

We are well-acquainted with Ahsan Rahim’s brand of humour. It borrows from character, observational and surreal genres of comedy. For almost two decades there, this has worked very well for both Ahsan Rahim and his fans.

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With Teefa in Trouble, we honestly can’t wait to see Ahsan Rahim weave the same comic magic for the big-screen that has left us rolling with fits of laughter while enjoying his content on television.

Great Cinematography

Whether it’s the opening sequence, showcasing the magnificent  Badshahi Mosque with a bird’s eye view of Lahore or the many action clips where the camera sharply captures the subject’s every move, Zain Haleem’s cinematography looks like a job well-done!

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While the big four (i.e. lead actor, lead actress, director and the producer) usually walk away with all the accolades, the cinematographer hardly ever receives the appreciation that s/he deserves for his/her craft. However, from what the teaser had to offer, we’re really looking forward to seeing some great camera work on the big screen this Eid.

Enjoy the teaser for now!