We’re Loving the Way Pakistanis Came Out in Support of Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan responded to Firdous Jamal/Mahira Khan 10 years
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After three days of trending at the top, Mahira Khan is finally not a top Twitter trend in Pakistan. We hope this would help the dust to settle on the utterly unnecessary scandal that erupted because of four pictures that weren’t even scandalous!

A lot of people took those pictures as an opportunity to exhibit how judgmental and self-righteous they are. However, what’s great – even heartening – to see how so many Pakistanis came out in support of the beautiful actress.

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After carefully going through scores of tweets, these are some of the common themes that we found from those siding with Team Mahira.

Smoking and Societal Hypocrisy

A lot of people called out on the hypocrisy that prevails in our society with regard to women smokers. While no one gives a second thought to men smoking openly, women who smoke continue to be stigmatized for absolutely no logical reason.


There were specific comparisons between Mahira Khan and her Humsafar co-star, Fawad Khan.


Good humour was also all over the show.

Respecting Privacy

A lot of people who came out in support of Mahira Khan asked others to respect her privacy and personal life choices.

Calling Out on the Ghairat Brigade

If there’s one thing Pakistani women are sick of it’s being judged all the time! No matter what they wear, no matter how they conduct themselves in public, the ghairat brigade always finds a reason to be offended!

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Calling out the ghiarat brigade on its bulls**t was a common theme among twitterati this weekend.

National Priorities

Another common theme was the bewilderment over how a woman’s attire is being treated as an issue when the country battles with serious problems like lack of education, health facilities, peace and security.


I swear we should be worried about tomatoes! Rs. 160 per kg is criminal!

This one was funny and so apt!

This tweet by Sara Taseer perfectly sums up our emotions: