#ProtestagainstNLE: Twitter Outraged After #ChemicalSprayOnDoctors

chemical sprays on doctors
Image Source: Indy Urdu

Pakistani Twittersphere is fuming after seeing the government use chemical spray on doctors and medical students who were protesting against National Licensing Examinations (NLE) in Lahore on Sunday.

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Recently, a wave of protests continued outside the examination center in the Barkat Market area of ​​Lahore, where a heavy contingent of police used chemical spray to disperse the doctors.

Earlier, we’d heard that police used water cannons or tear gas to disperse the protesters, but this was probably the first time law enforcing bodies had used chemical sprays. As a result of this, some doctors were severely injured and had to be moved to nearby hospitals.

Social media users are losing their minds after hearing that the police used Sulfuric Acid on doctors to stop them from protesting.

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People cannot fathom that the law enforcement agencies are hurting what is supposed to be the nation’s asset and that too, when they were protesting peacefully.

Social activist, Ammar Rashid also expressed his anger towards the dismal situation by tweeting, “This govt continues to force ill-advised & unpopular medical education policies down the throats of students & doctors, now even resorting to the use of dangerous chemical spray. This repression must end & those responsible must be held to account. #ChemicalSprayOnDoctors.”

Another user didn’t mince any words while expressing his rage towards the unjust treatment of medical professionals.

This one had a lot to say about the matter.

Apparently, there is enough evidence in form of pictures on social media to suggest that doctors were attacked with acid. Still, the law enforcement authorities have refuted the allegations by saying that only pepper spray was employed during the incident, which btw is legal in the country.

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