These 10 Surprising Mandela Effects Will Blow Your Mind

Mandela Effects
Source: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Biography (Bio), YouTube & Mental Floss

The Mandela Effect describes a circumstance in which many people believe that an event took place when it did not. Take a look at ten of the most common Mandela Effects that people swear are genuine but are only a result of their imperfect imagination.

Mandela Effect #1: Nelson Mandela‘s Death

Let’s start with why we’re all here. Nelson Mandela, died in 2013. Nevertheless, thousands of people still recall that he died in prison during the 1980s. So, we now know why it is called Mandela Effect!

Mandela Effect #2: It was Looney Tunes

The classic cartoon was spelled “Tunes,” even though it makes absolutely no sense. It’s a cartoon, so it has to be Toons.

Looney Tunes
Source: YouTube

Mandela Effect #3: The “T” in Skechers

The firm has been in business since 1992, but there is still some disagreement regarding how the company’s name should be spelled. So, which name is it – Skechers or Sketchers? See, if we were talking about a drawing, you’d use the word sketch. But this isn’t about a pencil and a piece of paper; it’s about shoes.

Skechers Logo
Source: YouTube

Mandela Effect #4: Mona Lisa

There has long been debate about whether or not the Mona Lisa in Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting is smiling. However, there is a sector of the global community that feels her expression has altered with time. Is it a conspiracy theory or the Mandela Effect? Well, we will let you decide!

Mandela Effects Mona Lisa
Source: Mental Floss

Mandela Effect #5: Pikachu‘s Tail

There are dozens of Pokemon characters, but the bright and cheery Pikachu is arguably the most recognizable. Many individuals believe Pikachu’s tail has a black zig-zag across it. However, the character’s tail has always been entirely yellow, with no zig-zag or stripes.

Mandela Effect Pikachu Tail
Source: Fiction horizon

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Mandela Effect #6: Kit-Kat‘s hyphen

There is no gap between the words “Kit” and “Kat.” Many chocolate enthusiasts believe a hyphen formerly connected the two, but in reality i.e. incorrect.

Mandela Effect KitKat
Source: True Activist

Mandela Effect #7: Mother Teresa becoming a saint

A sizable portion of the population remembers Mother Teresa becoming a saint in the 1990s. However, this is not the case. According to CNN, Pope Francis proclaimed Mother Teresa a saint in 2016.

Mother Teresa
Source: Biography (Bio)

Mandela Effect #8: Monopoly Man’s monocle 

Many confuse the Monopoly man with another character and don’t quite understand when they see the guy without a monocle i.e. when in reality, he never wore one!

Monopoly Man
Source: School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Mandela Effect #9: Froot Loops versus Fruit Loops

Do you remember that delightful fruity kid’s cereal with the cheerful toucan on the box? Many people recall it as “Fruit Loops,” although it has always been written as “Froot Loops.”

Fruit Loops Mandela Effects
Source: Pinterest

Mandela Effect #10: New Zealand’s location

New Zealand is a country that neighbors Australia and many people believe that it is located towards the northeast of Australia when in fact, it is located in the southeast of it.

New Zealand
Source: iStock

How many of these Mandela Effects did you know about? Let us know in the comments below.