Panama & Paradise: The Damning Impact Of Leaked Papers

Big names in both the papers

The emergence of Panama and Paradise paper scandals have had a definite and a long lasting effect on the global politics and citizens living in different parts of the globe.

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Here is a look at what has changed owing to the scandals and how it goes onto impact developments on an international level.

3. World Elite Exposed
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The leaked papers have exposed the world elite and provided a clear evidence of how people who matter are involved in tax-evasion and money laundering.

Even before the scandals emerged majority of common men and women living on the planet knew that their leaders were corrupt. Still, masses remain shocked and understandably angry after realizing that the very people whom they trust to lead are more greedy and materialistic than they could have ever imagined.

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The scandals for surely, have put “Haves” in an embarrassing position and has made it difficult for them to manage the “Have Nots”; a situation that has historically fueled violence

2. Political Instability
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The leaked papers have resulted in toppling of different governments and political leaders around the globe. The rise in such incidents has allowed political instability to make way at an international level and hence, leaves policy makers in a very weak position to manage the proceedings.

Moreover, political instability also means that most states have little choice but to ignore all other pressing issues and focus fully on controlling the damage and regaining social order.

1. A Journey Towards a New World Order
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The development for without a shadow of doubt has triggered a transition towards a new world order. World history suggests that such transitions are never smooth however, the pace at which it happens makes a difference.

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For a better world we can only hope that the process remains slow and does not result in massive loss for those innocent global citizens who neither launder money nor mind paying their taxes on time!