MQM-P And PSP’s Love Hate Relationship Makes Way For Funny Memes On Twitter

Farooq Sattar and Mustafa Kamal memes

The merger of MQM-Pakistan and Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) was a major political development this week in Pakistan. However, the merger lasted for 24 hours only and hence, people were able to see the funny side of things and decided to share their opinion on twitter.

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Here is what they had to say following the merger.

Well, some believed it was all a drama!

And this guy here felt it was all a prank!

Because you don’t talk about Farooq Sattar without mentioning Thakhur!

A marriage of inconvenience would have made sense but forced marriage?

This person too believed it was a marriage of sorts!

Clearly, this guy doubted Farooq Sattar’s claim.

Self explanatory for anyone who uses twitter.

Following cancellation of merger plans this is how people responded to the development.

This person felt it was a case of a failed marriage!

People obviously had things to say following the Land Cruiser controversy!

It is complicated for sure!

The entire thing did sound like a joke to some, definitely!

So is the merger still on? To be fair the whole episode has been confusing, for sure!

The meme pretty much sums up the situation following MQM-P’s press conference.

Farooq Sattar and Mustafa Kamal
Photo Courtesy: Comics by Majid