Pakistani Celebrities On Father’s Day Shared Adorable Pictures With Their Dads & They’re Too Cute For Words!

Pakistani celebrities on Father's day
Source: Pakistani Celebrities On Father’s Day

The entire world including Pakistan celebrated International Father’s Day on 16th June and paid tribute to their fathers for the unconditional love and support that they provide their children throughout their lives.

Children around the world made special efforts on this day and celebrated it with their fathers. A huge number of the global internet users took to various social media websites to share how they made Father’s Day special for their dads.

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Pakistani celebrities on Father’s Day also shared their sentiments by writing some lovely notes for their dads on social media and believe me, some of these notes were just too cute for words!

Like Father like Son, Shahazad Sheikh shared this picture on his Instagram while enjoying the Pakistan vs India game with his father, veteran actor Javed Sheikh.

Sister Momal Sheikh also shared a picture with her father, Javed Sheikh while presenting him with some lovely flowers and gifts. This father-daughter picture is just so adorable!

Actress Mawra Hocane also posted a picture with her father from her graduation day and we can all relate to the proud sentiment of having your parents stand by you on your big day!

Sarwat Gillani’s picture with her father was plain grace!

Suno Chanda actress, Arjumand Rahim’s throwback picture with her father will remind you of your childhood pictures with your old man!

Mahira Khan shared her father’s young picture and we can tell now where her good looks come from!

Syra Sharoz also shared her father’s picture from his youth and he looks so handsome!

Our favorite, Nadia Afgan’s (aka Shahana from Suno Chanda) selfie with her dad is literally every doting daughter!