This Is How NUST Graduate Usman Ashraf Gained Experience Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Usman Ashraf nust graduate fruit stall
Source: Pakistani Journal

The graduating batch of 2020 was left dispirited about their careers after the coronavirus took over and the country went under the lockdown.

However, this engineering graduate from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) didn’t sit idly and got the idea of running a fruit stall to gain experience while the country was put to a halt.

Usman Ashraf, a resident of Kasur set up his own stall, selling mangoes among other fruits on a roadside to practice his skills learned in different courses and gain experience.

After completing his Electrical Engineering degree, Usman couldn’t sit at home doing nothing. He then came up with the idea of running a fruit stall as he wanted to gain experience and learn about public interaction, dealing, handling customers among other things.

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Usman shared that he wanted to learn about the challenges and the problems that these vendors face to help them out later on.

While people may have appreciated his efforts, Usman faced a lot of trouble as people would poke fun at him for setting up a fruit stall after an engineering degree from a top university. But Usman believes that nothing can stop a person who’s passionate about their goals and works hard.

He still continues to sell fruits while looking for a job that matches his qualification.

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Here’s the full interview of Usman!

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