Netizens Fight Back Facebook’s Bias Against Palestinian Content; Make The App Rating Go Down!

Facebook app store rating
Image Source: TRT world, Twitter

Netizens have been calling out tech giants, particularly Facebook, for censoring Palestinian voices speaking against Israel.

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The social media giant has been actively supporting Israel in its occupation of Palestinian territories and silencing pro-Palestinian voices. In this attempt, the social networking site has suspended accounts, taken down videos, posts, and other content that advocated the Palestinian cause.

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Consumers feel Facebook is only promoting content that is unfair and biased towards what’s happening in Gaza and one that is portraying Israel in a good light.

However, the netizens have had enough of this propaganda and so, they took to the Google Playstore app of Facebook to ensure that they play their part in bringing the app’s rating down. They have also openly commented on their reasons for downrating the app, which is Facebook’s support for Israeli terrorism.

In a few days time, the app’s rating has gone down from a 4.0 to a 2.4. Not only that, global netizens have also called for a boycott of the social app to fight its pro-Israel policies.

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Many of them have also urged others to go to the Facebook app on the play store and give it 1-star to make its rating go down.

Would you also play your part in making the Facebook app store rating go down? Let us know in the comments.