This Is How Global Netizens Speaking Against The Israeli Occupation Of Palestine Are Being Censored By Social Media Giants

social media silencing Palestine
Image Source: Murad al-Alimi Twitter

Internet users from around the world are criticizing social media platforms for silencing voices that speak for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and their continued massacre of Palestinians.

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What is distressing and enraging for people of the internet is the fact that not only are the innocent lives being put at stake by the Israeli airstrikes but also that whoever is trying to raise their voice against the injustice is being silenced.

Social media platforms have collectively joined forces to silence the voices speaking up for what is happening in Palestine.

Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are specifically being criticized for removing pro-Palestinian posts. They are shadowbanning and straight-up restricting accounts of journalists and commentators who are trying to make some noise around the issue.

Some of them are even drawing parallels between the coverage and reach of destruction in Palestine and that of when the Notre Dame de Paris broke down.

Every big-shot from across the globe spoke up for what happened in Paris, but there are few and far between celebs who are raising their voices for Palestinians.

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And when notable personalities like Bella Hadid joined peaceful protests for Palestine, the Israeli government condemned them, and social media sites made sure to give that immense coverage. That outrage was so loud and aggressive that she straight up went from being pro-Palestine to demanding coexistence. What even!

Netizens are urging everyone not to stop using social media as a tool to voice out their anger against the silencing of everyone speaking up for Palestine. They say now is not the time to stop.

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